Accelerating Digital Transformation.

Profit from business change rapidly with automated application development.


SMEDiT caters to companies that want to reduce effort drastically, and go to market faster with custom apps that are created with 'low code'

Low Risk - People Led - Tech Driven.


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Change can seem hard, don't be a prisoner to IT

Finding it hard to execute your digital transformation plans?

Are you a business owner with no tech-team ?

Are you a thriving tech-team wanting to do more ?

Are you a startup with limited time and cashflow ?

we offer Agile and Digital with :

  • NO costly development team to hire.
  • NO long timelines to deliver small pieces of BIG value.
  • DRASTICALLY increasing the chance of meeting customer needs.
  • Rapid Prototypes and MVP's in week to get funding sooner


Example put your BUSINESS FIRST not the 'rocket science' of IT

With the business owning the problem & the solution so the right things can be done sooner.

  • Increase SPEED to QUALITY whilst reducing COST.
  • With the business owner being in control of outcomes.
  • Championing the 'citizen developer'.

WATCH THE VIDEO for an example in HR --->

DID YOU KNOW that during the past three decades, development and maintenance of Enterprise Applications became SO COMPLEX that organisations were hurting badly in all their digital transformation initiatives. Are you going to face the same issues?

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A quiet revolution is happening ...

“By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms,8 August 2019, [Paul Vincent, Kimihiko Iijima, Jason Wong, Mark Driver Yefim Natis

A Forbes Article of significance 

"Low-code app development is gaining a lot of traction right now—and for good reason."

14 Benefits Of Low-Code App Development That Tech Pros Love

Forbes Technology Council - March 2020

Our Stand on Low Code Platforms

"Seeing the order of magnitude benefits of low code based development, we have decided that all enterprise applications we build, will use Stragiliti."

Head of Development, Kallos Solutions



Partners & Clients

We’ve delivered 250 solutions, 30 application types in 70 countries.

"ZACD Investments Pte. Ltd. (Fund Management Application and Portal) Kallos was able to delivery rapidly and with a lot of flexibility because of the rapid application platform on Stragiliti. "

Darren Chew



“Kallos have rapidly developed and supported many of our Global HR applications like Global Data aggregation tools to assimilate data from 70 subsidiaries spread worldwide. The platform gave speed and flexibility and handling our unique needs. ”

Sanjeev Bhatia

Indorama Ventures


"Kallos was able to deliver rapidly and with a lot of flexibility because of the rapid application platform on Stragiliti that they used to assemble the application. Kallos also has a high-quality development team."

Dr. Alessandra Calvi




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